Top 10 Plus Size Women Mistakes

Unknown to many full-figured women, the plus size industry offers a great variety of fashionable clothing and accessories to flatter the shapes of these specific group of beloved ladies. However, common problems that women encounter are not knowing where to find them, believing what other people say, and feeling insecure about their figures. If you can avoid these plus size fashion myths, you can change the way you look and feel about yourself.
1. Feeling the need to hide the body
Because of feeling conscious and insecure about their figure, many full-figured women try to hide their curves by wearing ill-fitting clothes. However, this will only make them look dull and more overweight. The truth is, it is better to emphasize your curves. Avoid wearing clothes that are too tight or too big, but rather, make your curves stand out.
2. Ignoring one’s body shape
Despite some of the common tips for the more curvy ladies, every individual has her own unique body shape. Don’t always follow what you read in a magazine because what works for another full-figured woman might not work well for you. Learn what types of clothing suits your particular body type, and fill your closet with them.
3. Going for size specifics
Many full-figured women depend on a specific size and only buy those that they think will fit them. However, keep in mind that sizing varies from manufacturer to manufacturer, so it’s still always important to try on other bigger or smaller sizes to discover your perfect fit.
4. Following every trend
It’s fun to buy some of the fashion trends from time to time, but it’s not advisable to follow the latest fashion buys all the time, especially if they’re not making a contribution to enhancing your figure. Most of the time, these items become old-fashioned very quickly. What you need is to develop your own personal style, a style that emphasizes your figure and doesn’t go out of fashion easily.
5. Relying in black
Every plus size woman in the world is well aware of black’s slimming effect, but it’s not ideal to depend on this colour entirely, or it will make your wardrobe look dull. What you need is to mix and match colours that puts a balance on your proportions and suits your skin tone.
Limiting self to offline shopping
You can find plus size sections for women in department stores, as well as specialty shops providing plus size clothing for women. Still, if you limit yourself to offline shopping, you could be missing on a lot of good buys online. The plus size industry has dominated the internet as well, and there are a lot of fashionable items that are only available online.
6. Not shopping regularly
It’s not saying that you have to splurge on clothes, but try to add one or two items in your wardrobe at least every other month. If you shop only once or twice a year, you’ll most probably miss out on the plus size industry revolution and your wardrobe will become sorely outdated.
7. Lacking confidence
What really makes a woman look beautiful is her confident, and you’ll always recognize when she’s feeling insecure or uncomfortable with her outfit. Stop pulling or tugging. Choose a set of clothes that you feel comfortable and beautiful in, and effortlessly, you will look your best.
8. Wearing too many accessories
Sometimes, accessories are the key to give your outfit the highlight that it needs, but wearing too many of it could potentially ruin your overall appearance. On the other hand, lacking the right add ons can make you look dull and boring. Always find the right balance of adornments that would match your own style.
9. Improper footwear
Choosing the wrong footwear could always ruin a supposedly chic look that you could have otherwise showcased. You won’t only be seen with the clothes you wear, but the footwear that matches them, so be careful.
10. Choosing the wrong undergarments
Sometimes, what lies unseen under your clothes is equally important as your outerwear. Select the right underwear and shapewear that properly fits and complements your clothing. Of course, keep comfort in mind, and beware of hanging straps or visible panty lines.