Tips for Wearing Horizontal Stripes

1. Seek balance
It’s very rare to find someone who has a perfect figure, even for more petite women. Most of the time, they could either be top or bottom heavy, and if you are one of them, you can take advantage of horizontal stripes to balance it out. If for example, you are heavier at the bottom, wear horizontal stripes on that part only, particularly horizontal striped skirts.
2. Check the shape and fit
Generally, horizontal stripes tend to produce a slimming effect, but still, it’s important to check if they produce the flattering effect that you intended them for. Typically, full-figured women look their best while wearing fitted, but not tight garments, so choose carefully.
3. Choose thin or medium width stripes
It’s not just important to choose horizontal stripes, but the right width as well. Basically, thicker stripes tend to make you look heavier.
4. Limit your colours
If you are choosing horizontal striped garments, make sure to limit your colours to two to three. Generally, there’s a childish effect with more colours, and while you would like to feel young and lively, you wouldn’t want to look childish.
5. Add flair
Sometimes, you don’t really need to have a full-printed garment to achieve the slimming effect that you desire. Sometimes, all it takes is adding a striped accessory. You may also want to consider structured tops with detailed cuffs.