Layering Tips for the Plus Size Lady

Every woman of every size can style herself gorgeously by smart layering choices. Many fashion critics may warn you to stay away from layers because they tend to add bulk, but in reality, they can add a nice flattering effect.
1. Be wise with your colour choices
Many are aware that lighter colours tend to create a fuller look, while darker colours on the other hand can create a much slimmer appearance. However, it doesn’t mean that you only have to stay with dark colours. What you should do is use colours to your advantage to create an illusion that would trick the eye. If you want to emphasize certain parts of your body, cover them up with lighter colours, and use darker ones to hide those parts you are not that proud of. Also remember that colours can help express your personality, so don’t be scared to go bold and daring.
2. Always seek balance
Actually, it should be every plus size woman’s golden rule. You should try to layer your clothes appropriately to even out disproportions. For a wide midsection or a full bust, try boxy jackets. Meanwhile for fuller hips, draw attention to the shoulders. Smart layers can alter your silhouette greatly.
3. Always wear well-fitted clothes
Whatever you wear, it’s always a matter of fit and comfort. Especially if you’re a full-figured woman, avoid layering clothes that are too big or small, or those that are too tight. If you’re wearing jackets, make sure they are able to close and fit the shoulders well. For pants, they should fit the hip and waist properly.
4. Try stiff or medium weight garments
Avoid anything that doesn’t hold much shape, and if it’s a base garment, make sure you have an outerwear to cover for what it lacks. Remember that you might look bigger on layering clothes that doesn’t have much shape. Also avoid fabrics that are too full or bulky.
5. Structure your pieces
Most of the time, simple clothes that have clean lines can flatter the figure of plus size women, and all you need to do is select items that add great shape. For example, you can place darts or wear empire cuts.
6. Consider faking it
It’s not always essential to wear multiple clothes to achieve a layered look, because sometimes, there are certain items you can wear that can help you produce this effect with ease. For example, you can wear built in collars or cuffs for shirts and sweaters, or a cami bra under your v-neck tops.