Flattering Prints

Sometimes, all it takes are nice prints to flatter the figure of the plus size woman, and fortunately, a lot of plus size articles appear in a wonderful variety of prints. The only problem is that, most of the time, you don’t know which one works and which one doesn’t, so here are some helpful tips to live by.
1. Think gravity. The right prints can add volume, shape, and totally spice up your outfit and highlight your personality. You may wonder why there are some prints that appear great on some people but don’t look that good on you. Focus on gravity and let it show you what would naturally gravitate and pull towards your shape and personality.
2. Avoid childish colours. All of us want to look youthful, but appearing childish is a different story. There are times when having too many colours can appear hurtful to the eyes. Also consider the colour combinations of your clothing, and whether they are pastel or neon. Feel free to mix and match, but always make sure they maintain a classy look.
3. Check the pattern size. As a plus size lady, you’ll most often hear to match the size of the print to your body size. Sometimes, it makes sense, because small prints may actually look larger than your actual size. Sometimes though, you can still wear medium and large prints gorgeously.
4. Take the background into consideration. Naturally, dark coloured backgrounds and dark coloured prints are slimming. Still, it doesn’t mean you should avoid light colours entirely. If you are proportioned equally, you may find that both colours may work well with you, but if you are bottom or top heavy, wearing garments with darker prints on your larger body parts and wearing light coloured ones on your thinner parts may do wonders.
5. Don’t be afraid to experiment. Always remember that your size will limit your choices, but only if you believe it will. Explore with vertical, horizontal, chevron stripes, and other geometrical shapes as long as you want. Don’t be afraid to pull on that floral or plaid top. After all, it’s always just a matter of preference, and of course, the overall fit of the garment on you. If you feel good, you can actually rock a certain print type even if the rules say otherwise.
Whatever you feel like wearing, always consider the quality of the fabrics. If the garment looks cheap on the hanger, most likely it would look cheap on you as well. Don’t let the price limit your choices, because there are a lot of quality clothes that fits your size and your wallet.