Clothing Cuts That Suits the Full-Figured Woman

Naturally, there are certain clothing details that serve as best friends to the curvy lady. Sometimes, it’s just the cut of the clothes that gives a breath of life to one’s silhouette. While it’s always important to determine one’s own body shape to find one what suits her best, here are some of the clothing details that generally flatter the figure of a plus size woman.
1. Empire Waist
The empire waist is a cut that is higher than the natural waistline, sometimes falling just below the bust or even lower. The empire waist detail aims to make the woman look taller and slimmer by adding length to the body. This clothing detail can mostly be found in dresses and tops, and are ideal for hiding thick thighs and big tummies.
2. Princess Seams
Princess seams are usually found on the front or back of garments and are used to define the hourglass silhouette. Princess seams run down the garment’s either side, starting wide at the shoulders, creating an indent at the waist, and flaring out again to create a curve in the hips, ensuring a smooth fit that would flatter the figure.
3. Peplum
The peplum appears as a small overskirt that the designer adds to the waistline of blouses, dresses, jackets, and sometimes added as ruffles. The peplum is usually flared out in order to highlight the curves or to create artificial curves for straight body types.
4. V-Neck
The v-neck cut lengthens the neck, opens up to the chest, angles down from the shoulders, and mimics the shape of the torso. The purpose of the v-neckline is to draw attention to the centre of the body, making it look slimmer and elongated by creating an illusion of a slimmer waist.
5. A-Line
The A-Line hem tends to work well for most figures, but can be considered the plus size lady’s best friend. The A shape fits close to the waist and flares out at the bottom, creating a trimming effect on the thighs.