4 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Choose Low-Rise Pants

Low rise pants seem to never become outdated, and are offered in various sizes, even bigger sizes that would fit bigger women. However, if you are a full-figured woman, you should try your best to stay away from them, and here are the reasons why:
1. They shorten the leg line
If you are a bit thicker, your choice of clothing should be those that produce a flattering effect that would make you look more lean, longer, and shapely, and unfortunately, low rise pants aren’t one of them. Wearing low-rise pants will only make you appear short and stubby.
2. Overexposes the butt area
No one would like to see your cleavage, or crack, or whatever you want to call it, and needless to say, these pants only causes overexposure, which is particularly unattractive when you are a plus size.
3. Draws attention to the hips
Sometimes, all it takes is creating a slimming illusion so that you would look good in whatever you wear. All you need is to know what features of yours to show and what to hide. If you have a boyish figure, you may benefit from adding curves to the hips, but if you are a full-figured lady, you might not need this curving effect already.
4. Emphasizes the tummy
Low rise pants, particularly ill-fitting ones can only shift around the weight of the plus size woman, creating bumps and lumps that are unattractive. Even if your stomach isn’t that big, low rise pants can make it look like it is. However, there’s always the exception to the rule. This shouldn’t be an excuse why you shouldn’t go exploring medium rise or classic pants or other old-fashioned wear. However, make sure that they will still appear classy and are able to cover what needs to be covered.